The Seat and Body Protector

You've invested a lot in your car and you spend a good deal of time in it.  Why not make sure it lasts.  There is nothing that takes a bigger beating than your car seat. In and out.  Food, sweat, dirt.  These things can quickly reduce the life of your seat.  For a few dollars however, it doesn't have to be that way.

Bodwad seat and body protector uses specially designed fabric that:

  • Is Water proof - to protect from moisture and sweat
  • Breathable - so to not trap body heat and make you comfortable.
  • Wicking - absorbs water and draws it away from your body
  • Deodorizing - Helps to minimize odor transfer
  • Anti-microbial - Keeps a barrier between you and potential disease

But bodwad is more than just your ordinary seat protector.  It has been specially engineered to put on and take off.  This design is to allow you to quickly install and remove so that you can wash it maintaining its clean barrier properties.


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